What is the secret to a perfect omelet?

Inspired by his mother’s life-long and sometimes insane search to find omelet perfection, John Finn’s The Perfect Omelet includes over 100 classic and original recipes that explore the meaning and significance of the iconic omelet.  In addition to four master recipes, one for the classic French Omelet au Nature, one for an American Diner omelet, one for a perfect frittata, and one for dessert omelets, The Perfect Omelet includes recipes for an Omelet bonne femme (with potatoes, bacon, and onion), an Omelet a la Lyonnaise (with onion and parsley), a playful Finger Paint Frittata, a savory Tortilla with Caramelized Onions and Serrano Ham, as well an Omelet Tamagoyaki from Japan and a Maacouda bi Batata from Tunisia.

The Perfect Omelet includes chapters on breakfast and luncheon omelets, as well as a chapter on international omelets. There is also an imaginative and exciting section on sweet omelets, including recipes for a Simple Jam and Liqueur Omelet and a sophisticated Coffee and Almond soufflé omelet. There are chapters on the history of the omelet (some recipes trace as far back as the Roman Empire), and on the omelet in literature. Consider, for example, an Omelet Voltaire, which includes mushrooms, onions, and croutons, or a “delightful omelet stuffed with mushrooms and truffles” described by Willa Cather in Alexander’s Bridge.

But The Perfect Omelet is not just a complete guide to omelets. Finn’s affectionate stories about his mother’s search for the perfect omelet reveal what she taught him about how to cook and, in turn, about how to live. The Perfect Omelet is a way of cooking, a philosophy of how to cook and how to live. It is a philosophy that encourages readers to find their own way to the perfect omelet. It rejects the idea that there is a perfect recipe for anything, one that will guarantee a perfect result, every time, if only we will do as we are told. The purpose of this book, in other words, is not to tell how you to make the perfect omelet, but rather to help you on your way.

The Perfect Omelet is the definitive book on the iconic omelet, full of practical wisdom about omelets, cooking, and life.

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